Murray resident to audition for American Idol
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While on her way to see the Indiana Jones Show at Disney Land, Jennifer Wilson saw a giant sign saying “American Idol Experience. Thinking it was just a show, she decided to audition for it, and ends up winning.

What she didn't realize was after winning the final round that she won a chance for an actual audition with the real American Idol.

“I went in thinking that I wasn't gonna get anywhere with it, but I gave it a try,” Wilson says.

Jennifer Wilson, who is an English teacher at North Murray High school, has been singing since she was two years old.

“Mom was having me sing at church,” Wilson says, remembering her first singing experience. “and apparently I had forgotten the words to the song, and I just freeze. And my mom, who was playing the piano, tries to tell me the words. I crossed me arms and go 'No!' And so she stops playing, picks me up, thanks the audience, and sits me into the bench. It was so embarrassing.”

Since then, Jennifer Wilson has sung in other churches, creating a Gospel singing group called “The Wilson’s.” She has also sung in dramas throughout the high school and college years as well as in Nursing Homes and other events.

“The biggest thing for me” Wilson admits “was singing at Relay for Life for dad with his cancer, and he always told me that I'm singing for God, and you should give it your all anyway. ”

Jennifer Wilson says it had been her late father's hope that someone would notice her, but it never happened.

“Dad always wanted me to audition for the real American Idol,” Wilson says, “but when he passed away, I gave up on it, because I thought 'What's the point? He's not here to see it.'”

It was then she came across the American Idol Experience while on vacation with her family, and thinking about her dad, decided to try out.

Jennifer Wilson made it past the first round by singing “Chain of Fools,” by Aretha Franklin, and after given a number, was put through to the next round.

“I never knew this about the real American Idol,” Wilson explains, “but you have to go through several rounds before you're ever seen on TV. So to emulate that everyone competing had to go through several rounds.”

Wilson explains that the experience at Disney Land was exactly like the real American Idol, where she had to sing in front of a live audience and they get to vote as to who stays through to the next round and who goes.

After winning the final round of the American Idol Experience, Wilson says she still didn't know exactly what she had won.

“I thought it was a certificate or something like that,” Wilson says. “Then they brought out this golden envelope and they explained that I won the Dream Ticket, which they explained it allows me to skip all the rounds of the real American Idol and go straight to the Executive Producer and try out.”

Jennifer Wilson is scheduled to audition for American Idol on July 31st at 7:00am.

“If I don't make it it's fine,” Wilson says, “but I'm praying that if it's God's will that I will.”