MC Alumni Hall of Fame Induction – 2014
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The time is approaching when plans are being made for the selection and induction of worthy individuals into the Murray County High School Hall of Fame. This honor is handled annually by the Murray County High School Alumni Association. This organization is composed of attendees, graduates and employees of the school.

The annual induction will be held on the 23rd of November at the Murray County Superintendent’s Office (otherwise known as the “Old Rock Building”). The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor people who have been associated with the school and who have, through their lives and/or professions, made an important contribution to their community, their professions, their academic disciplines, or to the society in which we live. These inductees are people who have risen above the normal expectations and have accomplished something special, positive, and lasting. For example:

Many people have gone into various professions and have devoted their careers and perhaps their lifetimes to that profession. There are some who rise, through diligence and sincere inspiration, to a position of leadership in that profession. In such a position, they are often able to guide policy or goals which will benefit many. This sort of individual is certainly a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

There are many individuals who, during the course of their lives, are innovators. Perhaps their innovation is a business practice; perhaps it is an idea which is of present or future use to the community in which they live. Perhaps it is an organizational effort which unites people toward a common and worthy goal. People who have made contributions to society through an innovative idea or practice certainly should be honored.

There are some people who have been associated with Murray County High School who deserve to be honored with induction into the Hall of Fame because of the positive influence they have had on the lives and fortunes of others. This person might be a volunteer worker in either a religious or a civic setting. This individual might never have achieved the notoriety that has been accorded to others, but he/she have always been among the first to come to the aid and comfort of others simply because they needed help or assistance. Perhaps this would be an educator who has always gone above and beyond the expected duties to become involved in the lives of students with no expectations of publicity. Perhaps it is a person in the medical field who has shown care and concern for patients beyond the normal expectations. There are many alumni of Murray County High School who meet such criteria.

Any individual can nominate a person for consideration to the Hall of Fame. The following is required: 1. the name of the individual being nominated, 2. the reason for the nomination (contributions, achievements, etc.), 3. the type of association the individual has had with Murray County High School (student for at least two years, graduate or employee), 4. some basic biographical information about the nominee, 5. contact information concerning the nominee, and 6. contact information of the person making the nomination.

This nomination process is very informal. Nominations can be completed by either completing a form or composing a nomination letter. Once a nomination is made, it can be held over for future consideration, if necessary. The person being nominated can be living or deceased. It is not necessary that a person still be alive to be nominated. We would like to be able to have family members and friends of the inductees attend induction in November.

A nomination for the Hall of Fame must be made in writing. To make a nomination with the committee for their consideration, simply send a letter with as much of the pertinent information as you have to France Adams at 512 Meier Street, Chatsworth, GA 30705 or Murray County High School Alumni Association, P.O. Box, Chatsworth, GA 30705. You may also nominate someone by completing a nomination form which can be obtained from France Adams at the same address listed above or the Murray County High School Alumni Association also at the address listed above. Nominations will be accepted through mail delivery until July 11, 2014.