BOE candidates
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Loyd seeks BOE seat

Frank Loyd is seeking the post of Board of Education District 5 as a Republican. He is married to Linda who was taught at Chatsworth Elementary School for 31 years.

His son and daughter both graduated from Murray County High School and he has grandchildren in the school system.

Loyd retired from Brown Printing and then worked 13 years with Chatsworth Waterworks.

"I am seeking this post hoping to make a difference in the lives of children in our community," Loyd said. "It's my desire to get more community involvement in the education system and just bring some new ideas hopefully to our school system. My desire is for the next generation to be the best generation it could possibly be."

Loyd said he is an active member of the Gideons and an active member of Smyrna Baptist Church where he teaches adult ladies Sunday school.

He also volunteers at Eton Elementary School where his granddaughter attends school and has proctored CRCTs.

"I've seen some of these kids take their tests and it's my desire to see the parents and teachers and community all work together in our educational system to make it the best it can be and it's a joint effort on everyone's part," Loyd said. "I think this is going to start with the school system desiring it…I think we have people in the community willing to step up and do all they can if we can get them involved if we can figure out ways to get them involved and I'd like to see the teachers have some relief where they didn't have to spend so much money out of their own pocket for supplies at the beginning of the school year…I've got some ideas…that would hopefully relieve that. It's not right for the teachers to take money out of their own pockets for supplies and I know it puts a strain on some parents."

Lod said he believes the community would step up.

“It would be my desire to see us all working together to make our educational system better,” Loyd said.

Moore seeks re-election

Robbie Moore is seeking a second term for the Murray County Board of Education District 5. He qualified as a Republican.

Moore is married to Chelsie, and they have two children in Chatsworth Elementary. He is currently at Hamilton Medical Center.

“Being a board member is not a job that just comes to an end,” Moore said. “There’s always something to do and I want to continue to do it. Someone asked me if I felt I had done everything that I could do, and I don’t. I don’t think any board member feels like they’ve done everything they can do and their time is done. I don’t feel like I’ve done everything that I can do and I want to continue.”

Moore said that he did not feel like he had accomplished anything on his own.

“I’m a member of a seven-member board and we have no individual an overall board we have accomplished a tremendous amount...I’m sure you are aware of and career numbers, that we blew everyone around us out of the water...even with federal and state cuts to our budgets we have maintained...and currently are maintaining a $4.8 million fund budget and projected to end the year with close to $6 million. With all of the cuts that come down from dfederal and state government, we’ve not had a tax increase in ten years or 12. Our millage rate is 15.5...there’s no plan for a millage rate increase. We have accomplished keeping our schools functioning at a high level with very little from the federal and state government...and that speaks volumes for our board.”

“I think the general community doesn’t realize what we do as a board,” Moore said. He said he wished for more community involvement.

“I want to see our schools improving while at the same time we are having to cut costs,” Moore said, “as well as a great working environment...we’ve nothad to cut any programs we have given back two furlough days...some systems are still at 10 or eight but we are at four...and we’ve been able to do that because we have watched finances.”